Alumni Trainee - Interview

Farina Ferling, Project Manager at Bürstner


How did you come up with the trainee program at EHG?

Pretty much by chance, during my search for a work-experience semester. Because I happen to find the development of motorhomes and caravans very exciting, I applied to Dethleffs’ development department. My internship semester was very successful and exciting. Finally, I decided to write my thesis at Dethleffs as well. After completing my studies, I was sure that I wanted to stay in this industry. That's why I applied for a place on the Erwin Hymer Group trainee program.

What were you expecting from the trainee program and have your wishes been fulfilled?

I was hoping for a time filled with lots of new impressions and insights. Today, I can say that this has happened, and then some. For me, the program is a unique opportunity to gain a deep insight into the different divisions and locations of the Group. 

How were you treated as a trainee? Did you feel adequately looked after?

Because, as trainees, we spend a lot of time in one place, we are always seen as part of the team and soon integrate into it. You get a kind of special status, because the program has a high priority within the company. In fact, I was always directly subordinate to either Department Management or Factory Management. That gave me the opportunity to get to know the day-to-day work of executives. Each of my superiors saw it as their duty to give me lots of information and important tips along the way. I was really impressed by the openness and trust of the company’s executives. 

What tips would you give to anyone else interested in joining the Erwin Hymer Group trainee program?

If you like learning and working and want to face new challenges, then the trainee program is for you. The best foundation you can have for it is to be enthusiastic about our products and also to like travel. Also, as a trainee, it is super  important to be able to adapt to new situations in the shortest time possible and to be able to interact respectfully and appreciatively with people at all levels.

What part of it did you like the most?

My second posting was at Bürstner. There, I was able to optimize the Kanban system for the new Topline band. During that time, I learned an incredible amount about how our vehicles are manufactured and also about process optimization. At the end of the project, the scheme I worked out was implemented 100 percent. Seeing just how well my system worked in real life was a fantastic experience. That successful project served as the basis for an offer I received to work as a project manager, focusing on work preparation at Bürstner. I’m going into this position in November 2018, right at the end of my trainee program.

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