Vision for the future: Autonomous motorhome

Autonomous driving and camping are contradictions? Not necessarily, since assistance systems and digital services increase convenience and security. How autonomous driving can enhance caravanning.

The five stages of autonomous driving

New technologies such as autonomous driving will sustainably change the manner in which we travel and use mobile living spaces. 
Autonomous driving presently remains a vision for the future. However, motorhome customers are already profiting from technologies for driverless travelling: Assistance systems relieve the driver and offer additional comfort and security. 

Sensor fusion and neuronal networks

Complex sensors are used during autonomous driving. The goal is to achieve the greatest possible security through redundant systems. For this purpose, various input signals from the camera, radar and Lidar systems must be processed. The linking of all this data is referred to as sensor fusion. Data processing is performed by means of learning systems based on deep neuronal networks, which provides a perfect image of the vehicle's environment and of other traffic participants.
As the first company worldwide, the Erwin Hymer Group has been permitted to test autonomously driven motorhomes on public roads and is presently testing stage 4 and 5 systems in North America.

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