From style icon to all-rounder

Eriba is the caravan specialist of the Erwin Hymer Group and benefits from over 60 years of experience. No wonder its model range offers so much more than just the legendary touring family.

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Iconic designs in the automotive industry are well known: Porsche 911, Mini or Fiat 500. In the world of caravanning, there is only one vehicle that has a similar legendary significance: ERIBA Touring. Yet, no matter how much the evergreen still inspires its fans after six decades – the other seven model series also have much to offer.
Caravans by ERIBA fulfil wholly different requirements: small and agile for a spontaneous trip for two, large and luxurious for long-term camping or adventure trips with the entire family. The variety of colouration and furnishing options leaves room for individuality and makes your caravan unique. All ERIBA caravans have one thing in common: high standards with respect to quality, design and technology – and the highest level of comfort on any trip. 

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