Dear Customers,

We would like to inform you about a current spam wave with forged invoices, which are sent under the name of HYMER AG. The target addresses are selected at random. There was no data tap at HYMER.



HYMER AG principally does not send any electronic invoice-e-mails with external links. This concerns e-mails with the aim to install malware on your computer.

Please pay attention to the following instructions in this respect:

Do not open any attachments!
Do not click on links!
Delete the e-mails without delay!

General security information:  

Maximum caution is principally necessary in the field of e-mail, in particular with links and attachments.

Here are a few helpful tips for dealing with e-mails:

Check whether you are a customer of the alleged company or know the sender.

Check whether your name is written correctly.

Is a customer number or a further element available for identification?

Carry out the plausibility check: Does the company produce the invoiced articles at all?
If you are not certain, check whether the company has published a warning on its website or in social media.

As a precautionary measure you should not open any e-mails and, above all, any attachments or links, which you do not know or have not expected. Do not allow yourself to be surprised by any high invoices and reminders.

Your computer should always be fitted with current anti-virus protection for the best possible protection.

Your Erwin Hymer Group 

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