Economic Responsibility

For us, responsibility also means not putting profit first. We don’t do business at any price, but always act in accordance with ethical principles. Conduct that complies with the rules is what we expect from everyone – from the Management Board to individual employees.

Since 2019, the Erwin Hymer Group has been part of Thor Industries. This makes us not only the world’s leading manufacturer of leisure vehicles, but also the only company in the industry to have a presence on both sides of the Atlantic. With this position comes a special responsibility to create sustainable value - for our employees, customers, shareholders and business partners, and also for future generations.

We do not follow short-lived trends, rather, we see an interaction between long-term global developments and our entrepreneurial activities. For example, we benefit from megatrends such as the desire for good work-life balance, greater health awareness or the desire to go on a vacation with minimal environmental and climate impact. With our products and services, we enable our customers to fulfill their individual dreams.

Our entrepreneurial activities are not aimed at quick profit, but at strategic and sustainable growth.

As a Fair Company member, the Erwin Hymer Group offers fair pay for all employees. Trainees and interns are given challenging activities to support their personal growth and development.

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