60 years of vivid camping history

Since 2011, camping fans from all over Europe have visited the Erwin Hymer Museum in Bad Waldsee. The exhibition on over 6,000 square meters invites visitors to take part in an interactive journey of discovery along the most amazing routes of the world. The whole world of caravanning is seen from the point of view of travellers. Where do we want to go? What is drawing us to these desirable destinations?

Colourful kaleidoscope from six decades

Over 80 historic vehicles show how progress has changed the way in which we travel. Rare individual items, bizarre developments or typical representatives – from huge to tiny – bring back memories and fill visitors with wonder. Immerse yourself in the adventures of pioneers, experience exciting milestones from technology, development, production and design and discover the longings of the past.

Adventure for young and old alike

The Erwin Hymer Museum offers exciting experiences for everyone, for young and old alike with consistently surprising, multimedia-based and interactive content!
The non-profit Erwin Hymer Foundation supports the Erwin Hymer Museum. The caravanning pioneer not only donated a collection of vehicles from all over the world, but also created an interactive museum as inspiration for mobile travel.

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