Everything you need to make your RV even better

It all started with the idea of converting a used box van into a campervan. A few years later, the first Goldschmith springs brought peace to the chassis of many motor homes. Since its founding in 1980, the brand has stood for innovation strength, quality and first-class customer service and is now an integral part of the recreational vehicle industry.

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Steel-spring and air suspension systems for more comfort and stability, spacers for a broader track or hydraulic lifting supports for automatic levelling at the campsite: Goldschmitt is the specialist in these areas. Standard chassis are upgraded for higher requirements at the brand's technology centres. Additionally, the brand's products provide better driving characteristics, higher load capacity, improved comfort and increased security. Special wishes can also be fulfilled such as additional tanks, air conditioning or solar technology. Goldschmitt has a broad service and dealer network throughout Germany and Europe.


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