The lightweight among caravans

Xplore is the pioneer for innovative and affordable lightweight construction in the caravan segment. The award-winning product family offers exclusive layouts and extremely light caravans for the English market. Each model is highly compact and yet spacious and can be hitched to virtually any car.

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Since the launch of the brand in 2008, Xplore has been one of the leading caravan providers in Britain. Xplore caravans offer an excellent cost-benefit ratio and are especially ideal for camping beginners. Xplore stands for solid craftsmanship, precision and reliability. Thus, the company together with Henkel has developed SoLiD technology and thereby become the sole provider of completely structurally bonded caravans in Britain. However, before Xplore models can fulfil the travel dreams of mobilists, they first have to undergo rigorous testing on test tracks in Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom so that future owners can fully enjoy their travels.

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