LMC shows the gas-free energy supply of tomorrow LMC shows the gas-free energy supply of tomorrow

Anyone who has traveled with a motor home or caravan by now has always had a bottle of liquid gas on board. This allows caravaners to cook on the road and keep warm in the cold. Most boilers or refrigerators also run on gas. However, the innovation study of our LMC brand shows how vacationers can also travel comfortably without using gas.

Based on a Musica 470 D caravan, LMC shows how one’s energy supply can function completely without gas. Thanks to the user-friendly and easy to connect plug-and-play solution with a 230-volt plug, the caravan can be operated completely electrically – from the heating to the refrigerator to the stove. This saves space and is much more efficient. 

Electric heating

The gas heating in the interior is replaced by panel heating, which is operated exclusively with electricity. What's really special: The heat comes from the heating mats, which are pressed into the furniture panels. This eliminates the need for an integrated chimney and the heating only requires a short warm-up phase, even at low temperatures.  The former gas bottle compartment is repurposed – camping table and chairs now take its place. 

Energy efficient cooling

In the gasless caravan, LMC relies on a compressor refrigerator. With a cooling lead time of two hours, this is significantly more energy-efficient than a conventional absorption refrigerator, which requires a cooling lead time of one day. It also cools reliably at high outside temperatures and boasts low power consumption as an added bonus. 

Electric cooking

The induction stove is already finding its way into many modern kitchens at home. With LMC this is now also conceivable in caravans. Reduced consumption, faster heating, less heat loss and easy cleaning make induction stoves a better alternative to conventional gas cookers. 

With this study, LMC is demonstrating an innovative and trend-setting alternative to liquid gas – and one that may become standard equipment on board caravans and mobile homes in the future. 

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