Hymer VisionVenture: Looking to the Future

It was the undisputed star of Caravan Salon 2019 in Düsseldorf: The Hymer VisionVenture shows what modern travel can look like in the year 2025.

It’ll be hard to find a report or blog article about the world’s largest caravaning fair without a mention of the dark green camper van. The latest proof of Hymer’s pioneering spirit and innovative strength is breaking new ground – but not only in terms of layout and design: In addition, 20 innovative materials from the company’s cooperative partner BASF are proof of the unwavering future orientation of the technology leader for motorhomes.

An All-Wheel Drive Van in Dark Green

Externally, the concept car on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis attracts attention because of its high ground clearance and the dark green color scheme. Its four-wheel drive also gives the VisionVenture access to destinations off the beaten track, while the resistant paint finish was chosen not only for visual reasons: BASF’s temperature-regulating and energy-efficient Chromacool Technology reduces the heating of the vehicle surface by 20 °C and that of the interior by up to 4 °C. This makes it possible to deviate from classic white without having to accept the disadvantages of darker colors. The wheel arch linings and selected body parts are manufactured using 3D printing technology and are characterized by a rubber-like, extremely robust texture.

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Pneumatic Pop-Up Roof

The pop-up roof makes for astonished faces. Its approximately seven-centimeter thick outer walls with honeycomb structure inflate within a minute with heated or cooled air and have very good insulation values. A photovoltaic system is installed on the roof surface, which provides more self-sufficiency when traveling. The opening is towards the rear, giving access to the private viewing balcony. This is joined one floor below by the sun terrace – thanks to the horizontally divided tailgate, with which the two longitudinal benches become an open-air loggia. Another highlight: the integrated, extendable electric BBQ station.

Inspired by the scene

Radical breaks with motorhome traditions dominate the interior: On the “ground floor” of the VisionVenture, for example, the developers have used innovative material combinations of high-performance plastics from BASF and light and natural materials such as slate, leather, wood, felt, and bamboo. The wall cladding is partly designed as a multifunctional rail system. The floor plan itself is inspired by do-it-yourself conversions from the the van life scene. The enormous feeling of space and light is striking – despite the compact external dimensions. The seating area is located at the rear, directly under the generous panorama window. The kitchen cabinets form a unique staircase construction illuminated by LEDs that lead up to the “bedroom”. In doing so, they use the entire depth of the construction – like for a drawer refrigerator that is inspired by yacht construction and conveniently filled from above.

Elegant and Light: Bathroom in a Stone Look

As a self-sufficient and off-road camper van, the VisionVenture also has an integrated bathroom with maximum variability: The side wall can be moved, the washbasin folded away to the side – and there is already space for a spacious shower cubicle with a rainshower feature. The use of natural stone here is as elegant as it is unusual. Veneo Slate® from BASF combines a thin layer of stone with plastic and is light, flexible, and easy to process thanks to its construction height of only one millimeter. Appropriately, the concrete floor of the living area also extends through to the bathroom, so that there is neither a difference in level nor a conventional tub.

quotas “With the VisionVenture we are breaking completely new ground in terms of design, self-sufficiency, and lightweight construction. Of the numerous innovative and extremely customer-oriented solutions, we will certainly be able to use some elements in our production vehicles in the not too distant future."
Christian Bauer
Chairman of the Management Board of Hymer GmbH & Co. KG

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