Networked motorhome – Camping 4.0

The future of caravanning is about staying connected, because digitalisation enables a new dimension of comfort and flexibility. The Erwin Hymer Group relies on practical functions in order to make holidays as comfortable as possible.

Networking is the future of caravaning. From mobile route transmission to camping site databases with booking options and alarm system control via smartphone: Travel and motorhome owners have clear expectations of the next development steps as digitalisation is opening up new dimensions of comfort and flexibility. The Erwin Hymer Group relies on practical functions in order to make your holiday as pleasant as possible.

quotas Functional variety in recreational vehicles will significantly increase over the next years. Its operation must therefore also become simpler and more intuitive.
Jan de Haas
Board Member of the Erwin Hymer Group

Interface & networking

New control and display concepts, extraordinary infotainment as well as extensive networking noticeably enhance travel comfort. Internet capability is a must for recreational vehicles as it creates the preconditions for navigation systems with online connectivity, mobile operation via smartphone as well as voice and gesture control.

Assistance systems & autonomous driving

Intelligent assistance systems support the driver in many situations and can even prevent accidents in extreme cases. Assistance systems include technologies for semi to fully autonomous driving as for example lane-change assist, brake assist or autopilot functions. In addition to the safety aspect, increased driving comfort is also important.

Mobility services

Innovative services for travel planning and implementation as well as for rental and sharing options are increasingly gaining significance among camping fans – from convenient camping site booking while on the go to precise traffic jam indications and restaurant recommendations or nearby shopping options. 

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