First e-caravan worldwide

Caravans and electric cars – they do not go together. The Erwin Hymer Group corrects this belief by presenting the Dethleff e.home coco, the world's first e-caravan: The solution for drivers of electric cars who do not want to give up a caravan.

At the heart of Dethleff's e.home coco are two hub electric motors in conjunction with high-performance batteries and intelligent control that transform the passive trailer into an active living vehicle. A traction relief module ensures in trailer operation that the two engines reduce the trailer load for the towing vehicle to a predefined value - for example, 100 kilograms. Thus, practice-oriented ranges in trailer operation are also possible for electric cars in the future. And because in addition energy is recuperated when going downhill, crossing the Alps without making a charging stop is no problem.

More driving safety

The two electric motors also enable a higher level of active driving safety. A central control unit detects and controls rolling or rocking movements in fractions of a second thanks to targeted, wheel-specific torque distribution ("torque vectoring"). When cornering, different speeds can be realized for the inside and outside wheel. During winter camping, the two engines always help the car/trailer combination provide the necessary traction.

quotas With the e.home coco, we are already showing that the caravan has an exciting future, even in completely new constellations.
Alexander Leopold
Managing Director Dethleffs

Advantages also on site

The Dethleffs e.home coco can exploit the advantages of its active drive also at the holiday destination. Thus, remote control via app allows easy maneuvering on the pitch and a standing rotation of up to 360 degrees. All functions of the structure are electrically powered and draw their energy from the large on-board batteries. A photovoltaic system on the roof of the e.home coco maximizes self-sufficiency and makes you independent.

Meaningful use at home

Dethleffs technicians have set the goal of using the complex technology in everyday life. Thus, it is possible to use the e.home coco for mobile power storage - interesting for people who operate a photovoltaic system on the roof and strive for extensive independence from the public power grid.

Destination future

The Dethleffs e.home coco is another step in the direction of the "Destination Future," whereby the first all-electric motorhome was introduced at the beginning of 2017. With the e.home coco, the Erwin Hymer Group is meeting the challenge that caravans will face as a result of increasing vehicle electrification and proving the caravan has an exciting future, even in completely new constellations.

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