EHG at the Caravan Salon Dusseldorf 2018

Caravanning is trendy. This can be experienced live at the Caravan Salon 2018 in Dusseldorf. The Erwin Hymer Group’s numerous brands are represented at the world's largest mobilehome and caravan exhibition and present their contribution to what the Group promises to be "The Leisure Experience." The 2018 Caravan Salon is not only a mood barometer for the Erwin Hymer Group, but also a milestone in the direction of the future.

Numbers alone make it clear the Erwin Hymer Group has not only been involved in the caravanning industry's record hunt for years, but is also expanding its position. In the 2017/2018 financial year, a total of 61,700 vehicles set a new sales record. This is also reflected in the result: with sales of 2.5 billion euros, the Erwin Hymer Group once again clearly exceeded its record of 2.1 billion euros from the previous year.

Also in Europe: Successes and good perspectives

Prospects for the future are also bright. Experts estimate the number of new registrations for recreational vehicles in Europe will increase from 189,000 in 2017 to around 245,000 in 2022. Strong impetus, especially from southern Europe, is expected.

EHG goes global

The Erwin Hymer Group’s record numbers are also the first results of the Group's internationalisation strategy, because caravanning is not only the trend in Europe. With its "Roadtrek" brand alone, the Erwin Hymer Group achieves a market share of 28 percent for camper vans on the North American market. Since taking over the Canadian manufacturer two years ago, the number of registrations has doubled. Above all, young North Americans love the maneuverable and easy to drive vans, which are in no way inferior in equipment to fully fledged mobile homes. "In the world at home" is therefore not only the motto of the Caravan Salon Düsseldorf 2018, but applies in a special way for the Erwin Hymer Group.

New milestone: Joint venture in China

In order to secure its long-term success, the Erwin Hymer Group is continuing to drive forward its internationalisation strategy. Thus, at the Caravan Salon Dusseldorf 2018, the founding of a joint venture with the Chinese manufacturer Loncen was announced. Caravaning is still in its infancy in the Middle Kingdom. But this form of holiday enjoys various subsidies from the authorities - both in terms of infrastructure development and more flexible driving license regulations. Currently, there are already enormous growth rates and many experts assume the Chinese caravaning market could become one of the largest worldwide in just a few years. With the joint venture, the Erwin Hymer Group is now setting the course so that it can participate in this development at an early stage.

Securing the future through innovation

The Erwin Hymer Group Innovation Camp was launched - as a platform for brand innovation projects as well as with external partners such as universities and renowned research institutions - because the philosophy of the company is not to follow trends, but actively participate in shaping them.

The Innovation Camp’s first projects are celebrating their premiere at the Caravan Salon. This includes the e.home coco by Dethleffs. As the first electrically powered caravan, it is intended to enable drivers of electric cars, in particular, to achieve practical ranges in car/trailer combination as well.

The idea of a new lighting concept for Erwin Hymer Group motorhomes was also developed in the Innovation Camp. Because light has a significant influence on well-being, the focus was on adapting interior light to the biorhythm and natural daylight. Also an optimal solution for various mobile home functional and utility areas was sought: From the morning toilet and cooking to the right lighting mood while reading or watching TV.

Comprehensive market study on "Caravaning Cultures" in Europe

Just in time for the Caravan Salon Dusseldorf, the Erwin Hymer Group is presenting the results of a Europe-wide study on "Caravanning Cultures." More than 3,800 campers were interviewed about their wishes, habits and experiences in early summer 2018. The analysis shows clear cultural differences in holiday ideas - but also similarities: For example, people from almost all nations favor the Mediterranean as a destination and also agree that cleanliness is the decisive criterion when assessing parking spaces. But while the English and Dutch are more likely to stay in one camp with their mobilehomes, Italians prefer campervans and a journey with changing locations. The length of an average camping holiday is very different with seven days for British and fourteen days for Dutch, French and Swiss. Also interesting: campers under 40 years can particiularly imagine renting their vehicle to others.

For the Erwin Hymer Group, this unique study provides valuable information on the needs of its customers and should help address them better and more effectively in the future.

Numerous new products

In addition to its strategic orientation, the innovative strength of the brands ensures the Erwin Hymer Group’s future security. Almost all of its 24 strong brands use the Caravan Salon Düsseldorf for their own trade fair appearance - and the presentation of their new products.

Some highlights:

  • Hymer presents the B-MC, the first motorhome based on the new Mercedes Sprinter.
  • Carado presents the I 339 and a major overhaul of the entire Camper Van series.
  • Etrusco presents the new integrated model I 6900 QB as a compact space wonder with a comfortable queen bed.
  • LMC introduces new connectivity applications for caravans and RVs that can be operated by the smartphone.
  • Niesmann & Bischoff presents two new floor plans as well as the "Active Air" chassis.
  • Dethleffs shows the production version of the light caravan "Coco" and gives the outlook on a new design generation.
  • Goldschmitt has already developed additional and full suspension solutions for the new Mercedes Sprinter.

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