Compliance: This is what we do

EHG takes its corporate social responsibility seriously. That means that everyone – management board, executives and employees worldwide – carries out their duties in accordance with regulatory requirements, applicable laws and internal policies.

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The Erwin Hymer Group is a goal-driven company that is strongly rooted in tradition, with an unparalleled pioneering spirit, huge capacity for invention and high ethical standards. A strong sense of responsibility for company employees, customers, the public and the environment also forms part of our identity. 

Together, we all share responsibility for protecting the reputation of the Erwin Hymer Group and preventing damage to our company. Our actions are based on our ethical core values for sustainable practices. We expect and require everyone to comply with the rules: The Group’s management board, directors, executives and employees. This is our conviction and what we stand for.

Compliance Organisation

The Group Compliance Office performs the function of Central Compliance for the whole Group. The Group Compliance Officer reports directly to the member of the Erwin Hymer Group’s management board with responsibility for compliance and to the members of the Thor Industries’ board of directors with responsibility for legal affairs and compliance.

In addition to the Group Compliance Office, the organisation also includes the Compliance Committee and the local Compliance Managers.

The Compliance Committee is led by the Group Compliance Officer and meets twice a year. It is made up of representatives from the operational business and from individual departments including Legal, Purchasing, HR and Sales. Its task is to advise and support the compliance organisation in the implementation and further development of the compliance management system.

The local Compliance Managers assist with the implementation and integration of compliance into operational workflows and processes and are the local points of contact for executives and employees in the companies.

quotas The Erwin Hymer Group takes its social responsibility seriously. That means we all – management board, executives and employees worldwide – carry out our duties in accordance with the regulatory requirements, the applicable laws and our internal policies.
Stefan Junker
CFO Erwin Hymer Group

Compliance Management System

The Compliance Management System (CMS) of the Erwin Hymer Group adheres to national and international standards and is founded on our values-based compliance culture. The aim of the compliance management system is to protect the company against unlawful and inappropriate behaviour and to avoid fines and reputational damage. The focus is on the core themes of white-collar crime, anti-corruption, competition and antitrust law.

The emphasis of the Erwin Hymer Group’s CMS is on a preventive approach. Company employees are briefed on compliance matters on an ad hoc basis. Training sessions on integrity and compliance are based on a continuous development process.

Prevention activities include an annual risk assessment that identifies and minimises risk.

Responsibility for the content of other compliance areas such as data protection, workplace safety and environmental protection, anti-money laundering, etc. lies with the relevant departments and corporate functions.


Group Compliance Office

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