Whistleblower system

Our aim is to create an open and transparent corporate culture where violations and rule-breaking behaviour can be addressed openly and at an early stage.

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Rule-breaking behaviour, which includes breaches of regulatory standards, laws and our internal policies, can lead to fines, penalties, economic loss and severe reputational damage to our company. EHG is obliged by law to support and protect whistleblowers. But it is also part of EHG’s corporate culture to protect whistleblowers against adverse consequences such as suspension, demotion or intimidation, and not to tolerate such behaviour. This is what we stand for and what we have committed to.

Group Compliance Office - Hinweisgebermeldesystem

You can report rule-breaking using one of the following channels:

Erwin Hymer Group SE
Group Compliance Office
Holzstr. 19
88339 Bad Waldsee

The digital whistleblower tool was introduced to enable whistleblowers – including third parties – to report violations anonymously. "BKMS" is managed exclusively by the Group Compliance Office  and incoming reports are treated confidentially. The Code of Procedure serves as a guide on how to report possible violations of legal requirements or internal guidelines. It explains step by step how the whistleblower system works, who the contact persons are and how the information received is handled.

What should be reported?

Suspected violations of laws, applicable regulations and our internal policies that harbour a high risk potential for our company, our employees and our customers should be reported.

Violations of the following in particular harbour a high risk potential:


  • Code of Conduct 
  • Internal policies
  • relating to fraud and corruption
  • Rules on financial auditing and accounting
  • Competition and antitrust law
  • Prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing
  • Product safety and conformity
  • Environmental, consumer and data protection provisions

Violations such as bullying, sexual harassment or discrimination can also be reported.

All reports are dealt with in confidence.

quotas Erwin Hymer Group takes its task of corporate responsibility seriously. For this reason, every single one of us - CEO, executives and associates worldwide - perform our tasks in compliance with the regulatory provisions, within the scope of applicable laws and taking our in-house guidelines into account at all times.
Stefan Junker
CFO Erwin Hymer Group

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