Bürstner is #wohnfühlen home from home feel

Bürstner's motorhomes, camper vans, urban campers and caravans give you the best home from home feel you can have on the road.

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"Wohnfühlen" home from home history.

Vehicles with the kind of "wohnfühlen" home from home feel only Bürstner can deliver, as the company understood right from the start that people can only have the most wonderful on the road experiences when they feel at home wherever they are, have been built at the border between Germany and France for the past over 60 years. That is why the interior - down to the smallest detail and designed to meet all needs - has always been very important to Bürstner. The perfect balance between design, functionality and comfort creates what makes a Bürstner unique: a home from home feel.

The company began to manufacture caravans in Neumühl in 1958. Almost 30 years later, in 1986, Bürstner entered the motorhome segment and made a name for itself only two years later with the invention of the semi-integrated low profile motorhome, as well as customised layouts, creative ideas and unique designs. The first semi-integrated low profile motorhome with a drop-down bed (2008) and the first caravan with a drop-down bed (2009) are just two examples of the company's many unconventional solutions that set industry-wide trends. In 2022, the Lyseo Gallery TD once again set new benchmarks in the motorhome area with its inflatable alcove, considered an innovative worldwide first.

#wohnfühlen with Bürstner


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