The best of both worlds

Recreational vehicles by Bürstner combine French elegance and creativity with German solidity and thoroughness, which creates a unique living experience.

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Bürstner is located on the French-German border. For 60 years, the company has produced caravans that combine savoir vivre with precision. In 1986, Bürstner began the production of motorhomes and made a new name for itself with the invention of partially integrated motorhomes as well as with individualised layouts, creative ideas and unique designs. The first partially integrated motorhome with fold-down bed (2008) and the first caravan with fold-down bed (2000) are quintessential examples of various unconventional solutions from Wissembourg that have resulted in sector-wide trends. 
Due to their harmonious interior and longevity, Bürstner vehicles embody lasting travel enjoyment with a special flair, which has resulted in a close relationship between Bürstner and its customers – with fans all over the world.
Bürstner offers campervans, partially integrated, fully integrated and alcove motorhomes – and, of course, caravans. The company's brand claim can best be described with a neologism: Comfort-living – living at the highest level, visibly, palpably, with all senses. The focus is on high-quality materials and ergonomic solutions combined with sophisticated functionalities. 


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