Vocational trainee - interview

Bianca Haas (20), industrial business management assistant at Hymer

quotas As I usually change departments every three months, I have to do a lot of different jobs. I enjoy that.
Bianca Haas
In first vocational training year at Hymer on a business management assistant (industrial) course with an additional specialisation in language


What did you imagine your vocational training would be like, and is it as you thought it would be?

Two things were important to me before I started. Firstly, I hoped that I would get to see a lot of the company, I mean: work in different departments. And secondly, I was hoping that my colleagues would be nice, of course. So far, the job is everything I expected and hoped for and I am excited to see what happens next.

What is going well and what is going less well?

As I usually change departments every three months, I have to do a lot of different jobs. I enjoy that. However, I also have to do things I don't enjoy that much - like run errands, for example, to fetch parcels for my colleagues. But that's not all too often, and it is also not the main job of the vocational trainees. I don't mind doing things like that from time to time.

Do you feel well looked after?

Yes, and I did right from the start. For example, we had a meeting attended by all new vocational trainees even before the start of our course. We were told everything that is important to know about our vocational training and were given a summary folder. A mentor who was able to answer any questions was also allocated to each group of vocational trainees training for a specific job. We therefore had someone we could approach directly who had been in the same situation as us only a short while ago. All in all, we are well looked after and always know who to turn to if we have a question.

What would be your tips for school leavers interested in completing their vocational training with us?

Apply in good time! Especially the business management and administration places are really popular and are quickly gone. It is therefore important to apply early and to submit a neat application.

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